Corbin Chamberlin's Devotion to All Things Gaudy and Glam

Given: We can't all pull off what's in Corbin Chamberlin's closet. For starters, he says he truly believes "the world would be a better place with a few more Birkin bags and diamond brooches."

In addition to writing about fashion for Paper Magazine, New York Magazine's -The Cut, FashionEtc, Arizona Foothills Magazine, and Avenue Magazine, his personal style's been picked up by a few like-minded fashion writers. (Italian Vogue's, Peter Davis called him "the new Andre Leon Talley".)

What are you wearing right now?
Leaving the office and headed to a cocktail party. Wearing a purple suede cape from Vintage Fashion INC, grey cashmere boat-neck long sleeve tee, flared leg tuxedo pants in black, comfortable dinner slippers in grey velvet and a diamond ring from Joel Starkman.

What's the last item of clothing you bought?
I just picked up a Hermes scarf in coral from Neiman Marcus. I also have my eye on a Sang A satchel in dark green crocodile.

What is the item of clothing you most covet at the moment?
A couture caftan made by New York designer Peter Hale Cooney III, made custom for me. The caftan is blanketed bliss: Made of black satin and the neckline has freshwater-pearls and black onyx embellished by hand. Peter works at J.Mendel, he is so incredibly talented. I'm confident his work will cover Vogue.

Give us a childhood memory of you and your clothes...
As a child, I was a hopeless devotee of all things gaudy and glam. Not much has changed. When I was 8, my grandmother gifted me mustard yellow caplet with a mink collar. I was teased, ridiculed and totally speared by my peers as I sashayed through class in the cape, I always shielded myself with the thought of "Fuck them! They have no taste." It was a monumental fashion moment in my life.

Name five items every man should have in his closet ...
Every man should have a tuxedo jacket, a pair of driving loafers from Tod's, a crisp white oxford-shirt, a vintage leather jacket, and a Hermes belt in pumpkin orange. Those are the classic basics, expand your wardrobe from there.

Name an item of clothing that's best when it's vintage ...
A ball gown. Unless you're Daphne Guinness and can constantly afford couture, buy your gowns vintage. Today's evening-wear lacks taste and craftsmanship. The dresses from the '30s  through the '60s were total bliss. Make a point to visit Vintage Fashion INC on central and do yourself a fashionable favor and buy a gown. Even if you only wear it once a year.

Name an item of clothing you should NEVER buy used ...
I'm not a fan of vintage T-shirts. How tragic -- a loose neckline and armhole. God, reserve the band-shirts for the gym or around the house. Buy a crisp clean white tee, and throw it away when you've had your fun.

What's your one piece of fashion advice for Phoenix?
Don't take yourself too seriously, it's fashion not fascism. Don't be a total slob either, the rest of us have to look at you. Wear what you love, and wear it in your size.

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