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Coronado Neighborhood History Book, Doodlers Anonymous, 1001 Journals, and Tilt Gallery Call for Entries

Coronado Neighborhood History Book
Donna Reiner, Jen Kitson, and the Coronado Neighborhood Association are compiling a history-centric tome about one of Phoenix's coolest historic neighborhoods, and they're looking for old photos, stories, and any other relevant materials. The effort will be printed by Arcadia Publishing, who recently dropped a book about Tovrea Castle. If you think you can contribute, contact Donna Reiner at [email protected].

Doodlers Anonymous Hand-Drawn Illustrated Calendar
The online forum for doodlers is currently accepting submissions for the month of February for its 2012 hand-drawn illustrated date keeper. Winners will receive "full credit, praise, and adoration - not to mention two copies of the calendar that you may barter, gift, or hoard all for yourself." The details can be peeped here and here.

Scottsdale Public Art's "1001 Journals"
Scottsdale Public Art wants local creative types to design covers for journals that will be doled out to art collectives, literacy programs, Phoenix Children's Hospital, and more. Ten covers will be selected for an exhibition and winners will receive $100. The submission deadline is March 21. Additional information can be found at this link.

Tilt Gallery's "3D Stereographic View"
Dr. Jeremy Rowe, author of Arizona Photographers 1850 - 1920: A History and Directory and Arizona Real Photo Postcards: A History and Portfolio, is jurying a show at Tilt Gallery called "3D Stereographic View" and he's looking for contemporary stereoscopic photography pieces that will be included in an exhibit in May. Entries must be received by March 7. Check out

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