Had it not been for the murkiness of Jack and Meg White's relationship during the debutante days of The White Stripes, we might not be enjoying the tremendous guy/girl duo resurgence that currently seems to have the indie world in the cutest of chokeholds. Since Sonny & Cher, such duos have contained a certain degree of intrigue: Are they friends, lovers, siblings, or more disturbingly, all of the above?

In the case of Nashville duo, The Civil Wars, the answer is: who cares? With achingly lovely compositions and harmonies so intuitively interwoven, the pair might as well be conjoined twins. Thanks to the band's haunting single “Barton Hallow” and the acrimony-meets-ecstasy balladry of “Poison and Wine,” The Civil Wars have catapulted to international recognition in just two short years of existence.

Sun., Nov. 20, 6:30 p.m., 2011
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