Coyote Requiem Seeks Local Peeps For a Dia de los Muertos Procession Scene

The film-making crew of Coyote Requiem will be in town this weekend and they want folks, dressed to the Dia de los Muertos nines, to ham it up for the camera.

From 4 to 9 p.m. Sunday, a Dia de Los Muertos procession will be recreated in Guadalupe Town Square, located just off of South Avenida del Yaqui in front of Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church. Participants are encouraged to get decked out in costumes and face paint.

Scheduled for release in July 2011, Coyote Requiem is a psychological horror flick that chronicles an escapist mother named Carmen who's grieving her daughter's death. To get away from it all, Carmen travels through the U.S. Southwest, which works for a while, but her deep-seated demons inevitably catch up with her and become a real bugger in her consciousness.

The makers of Coyote Requiem were also behind Gaia, a motion picture shot on location in Casa Grande and its surrounding Native American communities. The movie's rock-solid depictions of Native American life helped the effort win several awards, including the grand jury's best feature film at the 2010 Berkshire (Massachusetts) International Film Festival.

There will also be a film shooting for additional scenes on Monday. For more information about the movie, click here.

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