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Crafeteria: The Crafty, Handmade Lineup for 2012

A lineup of 40 local crafters will let their hands rest and machines cool down on Friday night; they'll be behind their booths, talking shop, and selling their goods during the seventh Crafeteria in downtown Phoenix.

The event, hosted by Frances in the Medlock Plaza on Central Avenue and Camelback Road, runs from 6 to 10 p.m. and plays by one rule: everything must be 100 percent handmade.

Crafeteria's an annual gathering for arts and crafty types and one of our favorite places to do some serious holiday shopping. This year's lineup includes a few new faces -- and more than a few names we're excited about ...

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Here are just nine booths you'll have to race us to:

9. Santo Press -- Brent Bond Brent Bond founded Santo Press in 2009 and restored a 1960 Vandercook Universal I printing press, which he now uses to print his own works as well as collaborations with fellow local artists. Bond focuses on high quality, small scale, and limited edition prints by artists in all media -- which means he'll have plenty to choose from at the holiday market.

8. Street Gems -- Shannon Felty Shannon Felty sees the value in found objects -- plastic bottles and cups, plastic bags, and caution tape -- that she and a group of those in need transform into jewelry and wearable art. Street Gems is more than a few crafty hands -- it's a chance for the creators to get back on their feet.

7. Subtle Takeover -- Joshua Rhodes Joshua Rhodes is taking the creative community by storm with paintings, designs, and creative projects that have been featured during Phoenix Design Week, Pedal Craft, and at Growop boutique in downtown Phoenix. Hope you have some extra wall space.

6. Larkspur Studio -- Danielle Hacche Danielle Hacche is returning to Crafeteria this year with her intricate paintings and prints. The artist grew up in the United Kingdom before attending the Falmouth College of Art in the UK and the Art Institute of Chicago. Her work's been featured in publications and design blogs around the country.

5. Steam Crow -- Daniel and Shawna Davis Steam Crow is the engine of local creatives Daniel and Dawna Davis who are inspired y monsters and a good dose of humor. The two create "monster goods" with what they call a "spookycute aesthetic" that have been snatched up at Comicon and local comic and collector toy shops.

4. Handmade Riot -- James Waldron and Nicole Whittington When they both get home from their day jobs and are just about ready to pass out, James Waldron and Nicole Whittington get a second wind. The two have been woodworking (mostly in the off-hours) out of a studio for months, creating handmade honeycomb shelves, pull toys, and wooden postcards they've been selling online. Word is, they have a few new surprises for Crafeteria.

3. Fold -- Miro Chun Miro Chun's work is unbelievable. The local artists bends, folds, and weaves wire, thread, and bits of paper to create tiny characters, animals, and scenery she mounts to greeting cards you might have seen at Lux or through her website, Fold Here. She's said she's on a mission to redefine the handmade card, with inspiration from mobiles by Alexander Calder and paintings by Joan Miro (who she was named after) -- and if we're in luck, she'll do just that.

2. Standard Wax -- Andrew King and Samantha Irwin Standard Wax is the product of Samantha Irwin and Andrew King, both creatives whose specialties come together to create handmade, poured candles in ceramic vessels. Irwin crafts the candles, using a variety of wax blends and scents, and King creates the ceramic log-textured containers.

1. From the Reliquary-- Alex Ozers Alex Ozers crafts intricate jewelry and accessories with mixed metals and stone accents. His work is contemporary, but pieces are also formed and treated in a way that gives each an antique feel.

The lineup also includes Julie Hampton, Kathy Cano Murillo, aka Crafty Chica, Practical Art, Beatrice Moore of Kooky Crafts, Polka Dot Pixie, Carrie Bost of Red Dutch Door, Mikako Hirata, Strawberry Hedgehog, and more.

Live music will be played at Medlock Plaza's Stinkweeds and shopping-fuel available from Short Leash Hot Dogs food truck.

Stay tuned to the Frances blog for the full lineup and profiles of participating creatives and event announcements.

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