Crash Course

Admit it: you’ve wanted to crash your car into someone before. Maybe he cut you off in traffic, and you could barely repress the urge to put pedal to floor and send him tumbling along the highway in a vengeful fireball. But thoughts of the scratches and dents you’d have to get fixed kept you from snapping, and your enemy’s ride sped away unharmed.

The drivers in the Buckeye Valley Chamber of Commerce’s Fall Demolition Derby have no such qualms. On Saturday, November 19, you can catch them manning graffiti-covered, spiked death mobiles and raining destruction on their fellow motorists with masochistic glee. Maybe you’ll even pick up some driving tips for Monday’s commute.

Sat., Nov. 19, 7 p.m., 2011
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Zach Fowle
Contact: Zach Fowle