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There’s nothing scarier than watching a hapless heroine being chased by ferocious, flesh-eating zombies -- except possibly the upcoming reality series featuring abstinence spokesperson and Tea Party daughter Bristol Palin shacking up with fellow Dancing With the Stars contestants Kyle and Chris Massey. Shudder.

While we wait for that horror show to commence, we’ll practice our shocked looks and maniacal screams at the annual FearCON, a festival of independent horror movies. The event includes the American premiere of Uwe Boll’s Italian zombie film, Eaters, along with appropriately spooky music by Voltaire and an appearance by scream queen Tiffany Shepis. If the rotting corpses on-screen don’t wreck your appetite, grab some charred flesh of a different sort at Kaos Funeral Cars’ BBQ hearse, “Creamator”.

FearCON is technically open to all ages, though organizer Chris McLennan of Trash City Entertainment warns that some flicks probably aren’t appropriate for kiddies. “Many of our film submissions are not yet rated and can be a little strong language-wise, or with more nudity than you can shake a stick at,” she quips.

Sat., May 21, noon, 2011
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