Crock Spot

Two thousand ten was a banner year for politicians stirring up fears by scapegoating brown folks. “A Bunch of Crock,” an exhibition of mock campaign posters and audio/video installations, is a sharp and wickedly funny critique of the hullabaloo.

Valley graphic designer and filmmaker Safwat Saleem traces the roots of the project back to the hostility he encountered as a Pakistan-born student in Mississippi just after September 11. The past year, though, the prejudice hit a politicized fever pitch, according to Saleem.

“A major part of the exhibit is either directly inspired by or makes use of campaign ads from the midterm elections,” says Saleem. “These ads were so extreme that the comedy was pre-made. All I had to do was present it in a nice package.”

Fri., Jan. 7, 6-9 p.m., 2011
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Jose Gonzalez