Cry Together

You know a haunted house is committed to its craft when they keep statistics.

When it comes to Hell House, the numbers don’t lie: in the last four years, the haunt has made 5 people puke, left 5 people in the fetal position, caused 6 people to faint, and left almost 1,000 people crying.

This year’s iteration, Final Destination V, opens tonight for just a three-day run, and promises to be “unlike any other haunted house you have probably ever attended” due to its high shock factor, stellar production values, and willingness to confront controversial and uncomfortable issues.

Go be a scared little bitch at 399 South Washington Street in Chandler.

Thu., Oct. 28, 7 p.m.-midnight; Fri., Oct. 29, 7 p.m.-midnight; Sat., Oct. 30, 6 p.m.-midnight, 2010
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Ed Kummerer