Cry Wolf

Wolf of is a fanatic. Not a buff. Not an enthusiast. Not a devotee. There’s a difference.

Obviously, his main squeeze is rockabilly, but he’s currently on a psychobilly bender thanks to his group’s Psychobilly Monster Mash. The bill is massive, anchored by the legendary Quakes, and it’s got Wolf wringin’ his hands a bit. “We are planning to have the greatest psychobilly show at possibly the worst time ever, with gas being so expensive, people losing their jobs, and their homes being foreclosed,” he says. “[But] this is the type of music that makes you escape the hells of modern-day life. Listening to the slapping bass guitar possesses you and makes you wanna lose all control.”

See? Told you.

Sat., Oct. 25, 5 p.m., 2008
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