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Cycle: 5 Local(ish) Climbs Comparable to the Tour de France

See also: Jackalope Ranch's Cycle archives See also: Cycle: Tour de France Viewers' Guide and Drinking Game - 2012 Edition The Tour de France is now half way done and if you're still starting each morning with some bike racing on the TV, the itch to tackle some crazy uphill roads is just beginning to swell in the legs and the lungs.

Luckily, Arizona is home to three hors categorie mountain climbs (the toughest of the tough), and another two that have hosted pro races are within a day's drive to southern California.

Hors categorie climbs are not for any average cyclist, though. These routes are brutes that extend even the best of the pros to their mortal limits, but the sense of accomplishment from ascending to the summit and looking down on the twisting tarmac below is unparalleled. And the descent always kicks ass.

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