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Cycle: National Bike Challenge Dares You to Ride

May is National Bike Monthand The American League of Bicyclists has set up a series of dates to get us on our bikes more as the rest of the United States enjoys ideal cycling weather during Bike to School Day (May 9) and Bike to Work Week (May 14 to 18).

Knowing that some specially noted days isn't quite enough to get hesitant riders in the saddle, the league -- in partnership with Endomondo, Kimberly-Clark, and Bikes Belong -- has created the National Bike Challenge to get people to ride a hefty daily average of 1.67 miles over the course of four months.

The challenge kicked off May 1 and runs through August 31 -- you know, ideal cycling season here in Arizona -- and offers prizes to riders who reach certain levels of mileage over the course of program, with grand prize cycling trips to either Sonoma or Moab.

The challenge has stated a goal of getting 50,000 cyclists to log a combined 10 million miles over the four-month span. To get to this goal, it simply requires each desired cyclist ride that easy 1.67 miles daily. Or, knock out a good 50 miles ride on a Saturday and you're good for the month.

To earn points to start pulling in those prizes, go to the challenge website and join by creating a challenge profile. There's even a smartphone app to download to make sure there's never an excuse to not log miles.

If you're feeling like joining in a greater cause, the Tempe Bicycle Action Group has created a group for the challenge and invites all Valley cyclists to add them as their organization when signing up.

If you're looking for a ride to get things moving, check out the 2nd Vegan Zombie Prom Ride on May 12. This TBAG-supported ride will head out from Tempe Beach Park at 7:30 p.m. and cruise to various Tempe pubs and drinking establishments. It should be good for 10 miles on the bike, at least.

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