Here are five gifts we recommend for cycle nerds. Check out what they are, why they're cool and where you can snag 'em after the jump.
Here are five gifts we recommend for cycle nerds. Check out what they are, why they're cool and where you can snag 'em after the jump.
Photos by Jason Franz, Performance, and MonkeyLectric.

Cycle: The Bike Geek's Gift Guide

Cyclists, by in large, are geeks because we love bike stuff. And for good reason: Bike stuff looks sweet and it's usually well designed.

One of the challenges about buying for the bike geek is that we know what we want and we can be quite picky particular.

Here are a few locally found gift ideas that will make any pedal dancer beam this holiday season.

1. Rapha Performance Roadwear:
This British-made kit and clothing is for the true cycling geek who has it all. Rapha's high-end goods are made of long-lasting, durable materials and feature a line by renowned designer Paul Smith.

Only 12 stores across the US carry this stuff, and Bicycle Haüs, at 7027 E. 5th Avenue in Scottsdale, is one of them. Any rider will be plenty spoiled with a nice package of arm and knee warmers paired with a Rapha Condor team cycling cap. This set will cut the chill of early morning desert rides and can be had for $150.

2. Urban Commuter Bike and Trailer
Areaware has created an urban commuter called the STRiDA. Add on the Burley Travoy trailer, and this combo can take home any kind of haul from the farmer's market. A nice touch with the trailer is that it folds into its own sack meaning you could bring your bike and trailer onto the train and not take any more space than two people.

This combo is available at Slippery Pig Bike Shop, at 4412 N. Central Avenue in Phoenix, for $900 (the Areaware STRiDA retails for $600 and the Burley Travoy for $300).

3. The Multi-Tool: A Bike Necessity:
These mini chunks of metal are miracle workers and ride savers. They usually feature an array of different sized hex wrenches, a screwdriver, and a chain breaker tool. All of this in a compact package smaller than the palm of your hand.

Specialized has created a nice unit with eight tools that collapses to a nice, flat profile that will take up minimal space.The Specialized EMT Mountain is a nice stocking stuffer that costs $30, and can be picked up at Landis Cyclery at 2180 E. Southern Avenue in Tempe.

4. Elite Nature Bottle:
There is no feeling more pro than to finish off a water bottle and cavalierly toss it to the side of the road. Elite Nature Bottle is one you won't want to toss aside -- but nature wouldn't mind if you did. It's made of 100 percent recycled biodegradable materials that will break down in 12 months when in contact with soil. Tribe Multisport, at 7624 E. Indian School Road in Scottsdale, carries the bottle for $10 each.

5. MonkeyLectric Wheel Lights and the
TRON:Legacy Soundtrack:
Why not truly unleash the inner bike geek by hooking your favorite rider up with some Daft Punk AND allowing them to take the light-cycle fantasy to full effect with full-wheel lights?

The MonkeyLectric lights attach onto wheel spokes and work on either the front or back wheels and are available at Trailhead Bike Cafe, 6825 North 16th Street in Phoenix, for $60 per light. Get the 22 new tracks of Daft Punk on the Tron:Legacy Soundtrack at any local record shop such as Hoodlums or Stinkweeds for less than $15.

Don't waste your money on: The Clean Bottle
If you spent more than 15 minutes watching the Tour de France this past summer, chances are you saw some clip of the running water bottle with Phil Liggett commenting how much that guy cracks him up.

I honestly do not get this thing. I have yet to encounter a water bottle that does not leak. So now the makers of this product want to put a screw cap at the bottom of the bottle to make it easier to clean? This is just dumb. Besides, if you don't want mold to grow in your water bottles, just rinse them out after each ride and let them dry with the cap off. There, problem solved. Now can we get rid of the stupid bottle mascot?

Next week, Cycle highlights some mountain bike trails for everyone right in the heart of town.

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