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Cycle's Tour de Spring Training Stage 2: The West Side

Ah...spring. It brings the mildest of mild temperatures, citrus blossoms to agitate the sinuses, breaks for students, cabin fever for any Valley resident stuck in an office, and fifteen of Major League Baseball's teams from around the country to find their swing and play games that don't count.

The Cycle riding team (of one) created a two-stage tour of the area's baseball facilities, with a challenge to complete each loop before the games end (and this is a generous challenge seeing as some of those late-spring innings can last forever).

Last week's Stage 1 toured the stadiums on the Valley's east side. This week we head west for Stage 2 and roll past four of the five complexes on the sunset side of Central Avenue and gain a greater understanding of the concept of "sprawl."

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Jason Franz
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