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Cyndi Coon and Jeremy Briddell's Thrift Store Style

Cyndi Coon and Jeremy Briddell, local artists and teachers, moved to Phoenix from the Midwest in 1997, and they are never going back.

"We love it here," says Cyndi. "There's so much here for us community-wise and I like that it's a big small town."

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Shortly after moving to Phoenix for grad school, they bought a 1950s ranch house that they quickly set out to make their own.

"When we moved in, everything was retro 80s," says Cyndi. "It was a real Home Depot nightmare."

Cyndi and Jeremy have since created a space that suits their taste to a T. Everything is well-designed, but with a funky, eclectic twist.

"We definitely have a thrift store aesthetic," says Jeremy. " Having grown up with a love of that style, I think we'll always be out looking for interesting stuff at the junky antique shops."

With the addition of two young daughters to the family, some things must change in the house, but there are certain cherished items that will never be given up. A dining room table purchased from a bar in Omaha, Nebraska while on their honeymoon trip across the country will never be tossed.

"Everything we have tells a story about our lives and this table is one of the symbols of the beginning of our lives together," says Cyndi. "So, we'll never part with it."

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