Dances With Wolf

The Rockabilly Revival conjures images of slicked-back dudes with oil-spill hairdos crankin’ out "Ring of Fahr" on sunburst hollowbodies and big-ass slap basses. According to “The Wolf,” a Valley music promoter and founder of, rockabilly is a lifestyle that connects folks to a simpler time. “It’s a romance of when America was at its best," he says. "Life was slower.”

Well, we doubt that The Wolf's AZ Rockabilly Summer Shutdown will be like settin' on a porch swing sippin' Aint Bee's sun tea, but it does sound like vintage nirvana. The party will feature a classic-car show, appearances by sultry pinup girls Dayna DeLux and Kim Falcon, and rockabilly tunes by The Rocketz and The Faraway Boys.

Sounds hep, daddy-o, but we gotta know: Why the mysterious moniker? “My name is Fernando,” The Wolf says, “but people forget and call me Fedrico, Francisco -- any Spanish name that starts with an ‘f.’ So I just tell them to call me The Wolf, like Wolfman Jack.”

Sat., Sept. 22, 8 p.m.
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Wynter Holden
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