Dancing with the Devil

Ah, the sinful sensuality of rock 'n' roll. Hey kid, you were lucky to be born when you were. In the old days, folks had to hide their records from their parents. "The devil’s music," they called it. Yes, Beelzebub himself supposedly created the classic four-chord progression and hip swivel.

But you? You get to celebrate classic records ®C publicly put them up on a pedestal completely out in the open. Since you’re going to hell in a hand basket, you might as well splurge for the full damnation care package. Embrace your damned self as members of Valley blues rockers Black Carl spin some of their favorite old school rock, blues, and soul records during Licorice Stick in the lounge at Crescent Ballroom.

Thu., Dec. 20, 11 p.m., 2012
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Christina Caldwell