Daniel Mills' Sprawlr Seeks Story Submissions

ASU alum Daniel Mills thinks Arizona could do with a new image.

Which is why the Big Brain finalist is gearing up to put out Sprawlr, an online publication that sets a new spin on the way we see the Copper State. The digital publication will feature stories, essays, and other nonfiction works relating to life in Arizona. And right now, he's looking for contributors to help make that happen.

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For the most part Sprawlr will focus on the topics of arts and culture, city life, and methods of sustainability such as alternative forms of transportation and local food production, Mills says in recent press release.

"I'd like Sprawlr to be a more critical eye to the commonly held assumptions we take for granted about who we are, where we live, and how we grow," he says.

Interested applicants should avoid covering temporary events and reviews. Story submissions should be a minimum of 2,000 words. Payment of selected pieces varies on story length and author experience. A deadline for submissions and publication date have yet to be announced.

For more information and to submit your work, contact info@sprawlr.org or visit sprawlr.org.

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