Daniel Wayne's making coffee -- a thing he knows a thing or two about.
Daniel Wayne's making coffee -- a thing he knows a thing or two about.
Photo by Carrie Wheeler

Daniel Wayne's Haver Hood

Some people refer to the homes in the Rancho Ventura neighborhood (between 41st and 42nd streets north of McDowell) as the Haver Hives; more than 60 nearly identical Ralph Haver-designed homes are clustered in a 3-block radius.

Daniel Wayne and his neighbors, however, call the up-and-coming area mixed with newly-renovated homes and untouched relics the "Haver Hood."

Wayne, the owner of (now) two Lola Coffee Bars in Central Phoenix, isn't afraid of a challenge.

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He bought the house in the hood 5 years ago and described it as "awful."

It was previously owned by an older couple who subscribed to a country living lifestyle. You know the type: bad drapes, carpeting, knick-knacks, walls stucco'd until they resemble cake frosting.

He immediately went to work getting to the bones of the building. His philosophy, "work with the space." His goal: to uncover the clean lines and natural light.

He ripped out the ceiling and stained the original beams, re-surfaced walls, pulled out carpet to reveal the original concrete. Much of the heavy-duty remodeling he's done himself (with the help of friends): cement countertops, wall cut-outs, landscaping.

Daniel Wayne's Haver Hood
Photos by Carrie Wheeler

Wayne furnished his home with items he's found in garage sales, estate sales, thrift stores. A few period hanging lamps came from a neighbor who gutted his own house, getting rid of all of the original fixtures (score!). He had a gate built to replicate Haver's original style.

Much of the interior art comes from local artists, like graffiti artist Joerael Elliott.

In a word (or two), his house is really cool.

His favorite spot in the house is the living room when it rains, "The wood ceilings sound like a rain stick," which he'll enjoy with a glass of wine listening to Bob Dylan Highway 51 Revisited on his prized B&O vintage stereo from the early '70s.

That said, it's not surprising that this restaurateur claims that the kitchen is the heart of his home, where he likes to cook with his 9-year-old daughter, Paloma. There, they make French food, Italian, pasta, and slow-roasted meats for friends (and their tortoise).

Feast your eyes at our full slideshow of Wayne's home here.

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