Dapper+Dash Opens Urban Outfitters Pop-Up Shop

Ladies and gents feeling fit to be tied will have a chance to wrap themselves up like presents on Thursday, December 6. That's when bow tie purveyor (among other things) Aaron Kimberlin opens the Dapper+Dash pop-up shop at the Phoenix location of Urban Outfitters.

The accessory label specializes in repurposing vintage ties, making them into fresh neckwear cut in three varieties: Huckleberry, Churchill, and Dagwood. D+D's bows are available at seven shops across the country, cost $42 apiece, and our very own traitor Steve Nash has been photographed wearing a design from the Phoenix-based haberdashery.

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To add a dash of Nash to your own wardrobe stop by UO between 6 and 9 p.m. Per Kimberlin, folks from beauty parlor-boutique Mercantile will be on hand during the event to style ladies' hair in up-dos complementary to the ties. If you're unseasoned in the twist-and-tie department, there will be instructors around to guide you through a how-to.

Admission is free, and light refreshments will be provided.

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