David Michael Sanders of Rogue Bar

David Michael Sanders is just as comfortable in the chair outside the front door at Rogue Bar as he is behind his drum kit.

He's been at Rogue for two years, he's been playing music for as long as he can remember and he plans on doing both of those things for a while. Sanders' current gigs are with Xtra Ticket and Crazy Finger, but he's also played with Mac 10, B Real.

He's a natural socialite, and admits that his skills in talking to people and playing peacemaker has served him well in both jobs.

He joins us today to dish on the Scottsdale hipster-dive-bar-turned-hipster-rock-venue.

Latest Crazy:

Earlier this year, there was this guy who was hitting on this lesbian girl. She obviously wasn't into it. He wasn't getting the hint. While I was pulling him outside to talk, the girl threw her beer on him. A second later, he pulls a revolver out of his pants. (Read the rest of the story and more about Sanders after the jump ...)

Luckily, I've taken classes on how to take a gun away from someone, so I was able to take it from him without anyone getting hurt, but someone could have easily been shot, including me. I talked to him outside for a long time and he ended up crying. People just want to be understood and want to be respected, and this guy was no different. I just had to take his gun away first.

Best part of the job:
I really like talking to people and I have a history of keeping peace. Sure, you can get into a fight if you want, but I can usually talk people out of it, which makes me feel good because I'm keeping everyone here safe.

On the belt:
I actually don't carry anything. Not even a flashlight. I just have my bare hands.

Bouncer Misconceptions:
That we're meatheads, bullies, that we have a good time or really like beating people up and that we're huge. Don't get me wrong, there are definitely those guys out there. It's just never been my style.

I think I'll stay for a while. There's no reason for me to leave. I realized a long time ago that I could never work a corporate job. The people who work here are kind, they care about me and together we're another small, local, family-run business.

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