David Quan's Silly Map (of Phoenix)

1. What were the inspirations for your map? 

2. Give us a childhood memory of a map. 
Whenever I would go somewhere with my Grandpa he would always tell me what everything on the map was. I pretended like I understood all about mile markers and the grid and the distance to inches ratios but I didn't, I just stared at him and nodded. 

3. Do you think maps and cartography are important? 
Only if you want to go somewhere in life. I always preferred maps to to GPS. People these days rely on technology WAY too much. I used an atlas on my way across the country recently, so much better than google! Google always sends you on these crazy loops and out of the way directions. Stupid Google. 

4. What are your map's boundaries and how did you choose them? 
My map is the Phx metro area. It's not a definite map, more of like an implied one. It has many of the places I used to go like pantyhose park and Elizabeth Ann's tree house. One of the curators asked why the PAM was not on there. I guess I don't go there very often, lol 

5. Would you create another map and/or representation of Phoenix? 
Yeah maybe! there are lots of things that should be on a map! I remember my grandfather bought some land up in north scottsdale and it was really totally awesome. He took us up there and there were all these boulders that created these caves that went back so far we never fully explored them all and there was these rocks with swirly petroglyphs that he found out represented water and sure enough there was a underground spring nearby! 

The city pretty much took it from him to turn into public land even though he bought it when no one wanted it and now it was worth millions of dollars. Stupid City. I wish it was on a map, I would go there again. There are also cool petroglyphs up on South Mountain. One time I was up there and found a rock that Marcos de Niza carved into back in the 1500s! Surprised no one really cares but it should be on a map! Phoenix needs a treasure map! If I don't get rid of all my good stuff before I move, I'm going to bury it in a treasure chest and make a map!

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.


Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.