Dead Set

If analog photography is a dying animal, then what does that make expired print film and archaic cameras? Double dead?

Nope, especially when you check out “Wings” by Mark Lipczynski. The solo photography exhibit at Practical Art saw the commercial and editorial image-maker rummaging through his refrigerator for out-of-date film, spooling said film into toy and antique cameras, and shooting away. The result is a collection of soft focused and surrealistic works that folks are responding to; five prints were sold before the show even opened. The show’s M.O. illustrates that you don’t need a trillion gig memory card and a fancy digital preview scene to create stunning shots. As Lipczynski says, “The best things in life come on the periphery of intended consequences.”

Amen, old school shutterbug brother.

Mon., Oct. 18, 10 a.m.-6 p.m.; Oct. 19-31, 2010
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Steve Jansen
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