Death on Two Legs

Jason Webley used to stage his own theatrical death each Halloween -- until a couple of years ago, when he announced that he would no longer die each autumn and would instead live year-round, singing about death and drinking in venues large and small.

The former Seattle busker, who travels the world performing his distinctive blend of Gypsy, punk, folk, and sea chanteys, has kept his promise, honing his peculiar musical skills (he plays accordion, guitar, piano, and xylophone) on the road. His fan following turns up at pubs and music festivals to hear Webley warble some of his better-known tunes, especially "Dance While the Sky Crashes Down," an end-of-the-world anthem from his album Against the Night, and “The Drinking Song,” a rousing ditty with which Webley closes each show (and on which the audience is asked to join in, singing as though intoxicated about the joys of drink).

Fri., March 13, 7 p.m., 2009
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