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DickHats: The Wearable, Chocolate Dickoration that Still Won't Get You Laid

See also: Pejazzling: A New Kind of Bling for Your Balls For those still craving the decorative, dark chocolate fix once provided by the DickHat, there's good news: the accessory's creators write they'll bring them back if they can get 500 Facebook likes.

Yep, that's it. Just 500.

Given the social media approval, the online retailer (called Chocolate Party Hats on Facebook likely due to its Terms & Usage agreement) also promises to unveil a new style to add to their once popular lineup including the Cock of the Walk (Top Hat), the Easy Rider (Cowboy Hat), and the Chocolate Headed Warrior (Viking Helmet).

The business took a break in 2009 due to difficulties producing a solid form.

"It's actually a lot more difficult than you would think to make chocolate forms with a hole in the bottom," members of the DickHat team write. "Solid and hollow like santas and easter bunny chocolates are easy to get made. However, I went through about nine manufacturers, none of them could mold it like that."

The hats, which once sold for $10 a pop, come in one size that fit most, can be purchased as gifts (likely for yourself), and are guaranteed to "bring a little humor and flavor into the bedroom" ... given the bedroom's limited to you, a laugh track, and your collection of small edible hats.

Stay tuned to the DickHat Facebook page for business announcements and more hat submissions, which currently include "fireman," "Cap'in (sic) Jack Sparrow,""a basic 1700s tricorn," and "Colonial, for all those revolutionaries out there"

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