Dissing in Action

Philly’s The Wonder Years could’ve easily renamed their band “Rodney Dangerfields and the No Respect Five” anytime over the past few years, since the gleeful pop-punk quintet has been on the receiving end of dissings aplenty. Its 2007 disc Get Stoked on It! was called “abysmal” by several Internet music critics (despite the amusing cover art of Captain Crunch getting down with a tarted-up Kool Aid Man). And the cyber-jerks running Wikipedia think the band isn’t notable enough to qualify for its own entry on the error-filled reference site. But neither of these aspersions seems to matter to the band’s eager fans (one of whom dubbed its snarky songs “stupid and catchy and fun”), and many devotees will undoubtedly turn out for the band’s all-ages gig at Badlands Music Venue.
Fri., Oct. 9, 6 p.m., 2009
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