Downtown Mesa to Unveil "Main Street Art Love" on September 19

Downtown Mesa is about to bump up its artsy image.

The East Valley city has teamed with local artists and businesses to build "Main Street Art Love," a series of unique planters along Main Street. The up-cycled planters, which will bring additional desert foliage to the main drag, will make their debut on Friday, September 19, alongside the debut of Flash Park Fridays, converting unused pedestrian and parking spaces into temporary grassy areas for communal recreation.

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Participating artists in "Main Street Art Love" include Jesse Boyle, Amy Del Castillo, Sam Clark, Gladys Contreras, Kristen Fagan, Sean Goldstein, Lauren Lee, DSki One, Diana Sorenson. Main Street visitors will able to vote on their favorite planter from September 19 through October 30 for a chance to win downtown Mesa gift cards. The artist who gets the most votes will be rewarded similarly.

Main Street already serves as the location for downtown Mesa's well-established Second Friday art event and the addition of the planter series and the flash parks will further its efforts to enhance its arts community.

Recently, Mesa has made attempts to demonstrate its commitment to the arts by agreeing to participate in In Flux Cycle 5, a Valley-wide installation series. The city also won a $300,000 Art Place grant to build an interactive cafe along Main Street. The city is also working towards constructing Consolari, a music hall that will be located next to the Mesa Arts Center.

For more information on upcoming arts events, visit www.downtownmesa.com.

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