Downtown Phoenix Journal Website Broadens to a Print Publication

Downtown Phoenix Journal (DPJ), a local-lifestyle-centric website, confirms that it's beefing up its operations to include a print publication.

"It is an effort to help connect dots. Downtown is an unknown frontier for many people, and this is an opportunity to make it a little easier to understand. A little insight can help change perceptions," says DPJ publisher Catrina Knoebl.

Set to debut on November 4, the free bi-monthly plans to have a circulation of 20,000. Urban Affair, which heads up the online content, partnered with Phoenix Community Alliance to publish the print product.

During an interview with New Times, Knoebl didn't seem worried about dropping a print magazine in this scabrous economy. "Concerns? We are aware of the economy, but think there is an opportunity to promote, celebrate, and discuss what is happening in the greater downtown Phoenix community," she says.

Knoebl adds, "We joke about the origins because this really isn't about an expanding media company. We've simply identified a medium that can help deliver the message of what/who is here in the greater downtown area, and why people might want to experience this community more frequently."

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