Downtown Phoenix's GROWop Boutique and Phoenix Style Collective Host Honey Harvest

New, vintage, and handmade goods meet gardening at Roosevelt Growhouse and GROWop Boutique. Makes sense, then, that the shop/community plot's Honey Harvest promises more than just sweetener. Along with a big batch of nectar-infused treats, the garden party will feature an exclusive collection of 25 paintings from Rebecca Green and six pieces from Brooklyn/Oakland-based clothing label Feral Childe's spring line, "The Searchers."

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GROWop co-founder Josh Hahn says that Green's collection of paintings, which imagine farm animals in party hats, embody the store's concept of cooperative retail and urban farming. And Feral Childe fits in the mix with sustainable fabrics (one's named "farm print") and original textiles. "Their designs feel vintage and modern simultaneously," Hahn says.

Phoenix Style Collective hosts the fashionable fête Friday, March 22, from 7 to 10 p.m. Admission is free. As of this writing, prices for Green's pieces hadn't been determined. Feral Childe's items cost between $138 to $198.

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