Downtown's First Friday (May 4)

Art walks are more often about people watching and shenanigans and less about the actual art. We're here to guide you through both. Presenting our very own Field Guide -- an evolving guide to art walks around town.

From time to time, we'll introduce some of our favorite spots and dish out some insider information. If you have any tips or tricks, share 'em in the comments section.

Here's a peek at our guide to Downtown's First Friday for May 4 ...

On the Map:

Biggy Art Sale @ First Studio
Local artist Jenny Ignaszewski (a.k.a. Iggy art) is skipping town for the time being, and in an effort to lighten her load and "put some gas in the tank," she'll be showing a collection of her work -- new and old -- at First Studio tonight from 5 to 10. 

Iggy's known for her wide-eyed characters, seen in murals she's painted on Grand Avenue and 16th Street, on the map she created for the Grand Avenue Festival, and in countless paintings we've been waiting to snatch up. Good luck beating us there.

Wax, Slaps and Paperbacks @ Lawn Gnome
More than 20 local artists will show off their love for waxy, sticky, and paperback surfaces during Wax, Slaps, and Paperbacks at Lawn Gnome Publishing, 905 North Fifth Street. Until April 30, you can check out candles, stickers, and Lawn Gnome's entire collection of paperbacks that are on exhibition and for sale (candles are $20, stickers are $4).

Artists include Jenny Ignaszewski, Tara Logsdon, Marco Turrubiartes, Jeff Hoopes, Casebeer, Randal Wilson, Aaron Johnson, Shaun Moss, and JJ Horner (to name a few). Tonight, admission is free and the show will be open at 7 p.m. 

Photography '12 @ Modified Arts As graduation season rolls around, another class of photographers will be released into the local art scene.

Not all artists in Modified Arts' "Photography '12" are recent grads -- or are even from town -- but the work of Dana Buhl, Jeff Rau, Eduardo L. Rivera, and Nadia Sablin represents a new generation of emerging photographers with distinct styles and concepts. Modified Arts opens tonight at 6 p.m. 

Mirrored @ Eye Lounge
Mary Meyers' latest work is a series of installations that carry a progression of form and materials "inspired by symmetry and the formal similarities that connect us with all biological systems."

Meyers is a local artist who works with a variety of media including aluminum castings and waxed-dipped pigment prints. Her work will be on view from 6 to 10 tonight at Eye Lounge, 419 East Roosevelt Street.

Tonight Arizona PBS is doing a 35 minute sneak preview of Sherlock: Series 2. (The modern-day version with Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, created by Stephen Moffett), described by PBS employees as the BBC all-star game. The show starts at 7:30 p.m. inside the AE England Building at Civic Space Park. 

Members of The Poisoned Pen will speak about the influence of Sherlock Holmes on modern-day authors and the entire mystery genre, and the City of Phoenix Crime Lab will be on scene demonstrating the scientific instruments used to solve real-life mysteries.

Other Useful Information:​

• There is a ton going on, so get there early, find a parking spot, get a snack (and a water bottle), and pace yourself.

• The Phoenix Art Museum has great parking (and great art, go figure) and is back as one of the stops for the First Friday Trolley.

• On-street parking is limited along Roosevelt Street between First and Seventh streets. Or if you can nab a spot, check out the free street parking on Grand Avenue.

• If you missed it, our 20th limited-edition jackalope sticker by Eric Iwersen will be on the map tonight. Pick one (or two) up at one of the galleries listed on our map.

Happy Friday!

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