Dress Like Your Favorite Phoenix Nightlife Icons This Halloween

Let's face it: the chances your brilliant idea for this year's Halloween costume is even the slightest bit original, are slim to none.

Whether your rags are as obvious as an #occupywhatever protester, or as obscure as a sad reenactment of Edgar Allan Poe (Edgar Allan, who?), chances are, someone, somewhere, is getting blackout wasted in the same get-up, thinking they're totally fucking clever.

But why not keep it local, geeked-out party peeps? Show up to one of the weekend's uber cool underground Halloween shin digs in one of these three favorite Phoenix nightlife figures.

1. William Reed
Known for: 
 Just about every award-winning alternative dance night. DJ/ Promoter William Reed has pioneered a progressive party scene around The Valley with nights including Shake!Adult Swim, and Sticky Fingers ... ring a bell?

What to WearA black fedora, (obviously), a black blazer, and a pair of beat up black Doc Martens (tucked into a black pair of skinny jeans, duh). 

Character note:  No matter how many times you've met the person (even if it's you're best friend dressed up as one of the two other nightlife figures here), make sure to ask his/her name and reintroduce yourself as William F*ucking Reed, every f*cking time.  

2. Quincy Ross

Known For:
Ground breaking afterhours parties better known as, The Quincy or "The Q", or just being an all-around badass.

What to Wear: Blueblockers, a tweed Flat-Cap, and your game face.

Character Note: Know the password for the night's superlative afterhours party jam, stay up well after the sun has come up, and avoid all serious questions, especially when they involve drunk bros and passwords.  

3. Craig Citizen

Known For: Developing some of the Valley's most eccentric indie dance nights including Party Foul, Ransom and his most current, Mean Streets.

What to Wear: Get a perm or a curlicue

wig (whatever works), beat-up vintage cowboy boots, and a deep deep V.

Character Note: Hit on every fairly attractive woman (the younger the better) in the place and argue with anyone about everything (ex: the sky is not blue).

Good luck on getting a few half smiles, you clever local bastards.

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