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Dress Your Guests is Your Guide to Party Fashion

There's always one. That dinner guest whose loose definition of "business casual" boils down to cargo pants, a baseball cap, and shower flops. Just because you paid $200 for that limited edition basketball jersey and have enjoy many an alcoholic beverage in it, doesn't make it an appropriate outfit for your best friend's cocktail attire engagement party.

If only there was a polite way to tell your guests to check themselves before they wrecked themselves -- and your most elegant party.

Now there is.

See also: H&M Announces Isabel Marant Collaboration Broken People's PSA Explains Bitchy Resting Face is a new website that saves you and your most anxious host from the embarrassment of sub-par fashion ensembles. Developed by Elyse Newhouse and Kate Brennan, DYG allows party planners to register their events, send out customizable invitations, and clear up any confusion over all too ambiguous dress codes -- "Festive Casual?" Seriously?

Once your guests log in to your pre-registered party they can upload potential outfit photos, interact with DYG-approved stylists, and contribute their own two cents on your avant-garde getup.

With it's free fashion advice forum, DYG intends to help guests avoid same-outfit-showdowns, getting the stink eye from micromanaging hosts, and hearing the biting phrase "I love how you just wear anything."

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