Dumperfoo's "Pick up the Pieces" Tonight at Taste of Tops

Not much beats a good bar with good art. Tempe's Taste of Tops regularly hosts local artists -- photography, painting and mixed-media -- and tonight they're welcoming Adam Dumper, aka Dumperfoo.

His name's big in the local hip-hop, street art, and social scene; he's perhaps best known for his live painting (though he's not doing one tonight). At his events with The Blunt Club, Dumper completes several paintings in a evening, or one in an hour-long set for a live audience.

For tonight's art hanging, you can expect a beer and tequila tasting (yes, it's a 21-and-over event), limited edition $20 screen prints and of course, a show on the walls.

Dumper will be there tonight to answer questions and accept free drinks. His pieces will be up until September.

More Pick up the Pieces details after the jump ...

Taste of Tops is at 403 W. University Dr. in Tempe. The public viewing is from 9 to 10 p.m., and a private viewing is from 7 to 8 p.m. (you have to have an invite at the door).

Visit the event's facebook page for more details and contact info.

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