Dwell Picks Three [merz] project Cribs For Worldwide Contest

Dwell, the ten-month-a-year bible for modern design, has nominated central Phoenix-based architectural firm [merz] project for a pretty big-deal award.

In the mag's annual "Houses We Love" contest, three of [merz]'s properties were selected out of thousands of nominations. Among the 20 worldwide finalists are the After Hours building on McDowell Road; the 1950s-era Stumpf ranch home in north Phoenix; and the personal abode of [merz] CEO Chris Nieto.

Nieto's residence, a wicked cool single-story brick bungalow, was constructed in 1924 in Phoenix's Ashland Historic District (at that time, the boonies of Phoenix). Nieto and his wife made improvements to the home in 2000 (the same year the structure won Arizona's American Institute of Architecture "Home of the Year") and also in 2007.

Nieto explains that even if Dwell wasn't giving props to his pimp pad, he would still relish living where he lives.

"I love it. I can honestly say that [the home] changed my life because it's everything that I've ever dreamed of. It just feels very calm, especially with the light and the connections to the outdoor spaces," says Nieto, who also confirms that the two-story [merz] building, a pretty killer structure at 1437 North First Street, will soon be the home to Bunky Boutique and Matt Pool's Giant Coffee.

Online voting for the Dwell contest continues through June 27. To see what [merz] is up against, click here.

Good luck.

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