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Eclectic Monkey Emporium in Downtown Mesa to Undergo Major Changes

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The Monkey closed on May 27 and posted a message on Facebook that explained what's going on. Essentially, the owner will be changing the format of the store to become a place where people can see speakers, performers, and shop once a month.

The Monkey is intended to be a place to hang out, eat and drink, occasionally shop, build things, and exchange ideas. Blackmore says he wants to create "a place where you should walk away and say, 'Wow, that was a great night.'"

Blackmore says that part of the space would be turned into a private club at night, but not a nightclub. The theme of the club will be that of a speakeasy aesthetically and in practice. Servers will even dress like bruisers to add to the vibe.

The club will be a space for discussions and performances that are inspired by TED Talks and NPR's Snap Judgment podcasts, in which people tell stories to the backdrop of music provided by a five-piece band.

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