Ed Woody

In the tradition of Ed Wood comes the latest opus by local filmmaker/artist Larry LoPresti, Dr. Trimrose’s Cannibalistic Sex-Crazed Blood Island of the Tiki-Bot, an homage to the low-budget shlockfests of the ’50s. “But this is a sexploitation film that actually delivers what the poster promises,” LoPresti says.

With great pride, LoPresti promises us the world: breasts, blood, gore, cool-looking monsters, sex with cool-looking monsters, breasts, bad acting, a man-eating plant, monsters with penises, a disembowelment, breasts, and even a cumshot. But LoPresti’s crowning achievement in this 76-minute, $3,000 extravaganza is a filming technique he calls “audience-o-rama.” Says the auteur, “I got 10 people together to watch the film, and I recorded them watching it. It’s an ‘audience hype track,’ and they were very free with their comments and cheers. You actually hear the sound of the audience behind you.”

LoPresti says moviegoers are in for a good time even if the film isn’t exactly Citizen Kane. “We honestly tried. It’s just that we’re inept. It’s a horrible movie but very enjoyable.”

Sat., March 7, 8 p.m., 2009
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