El Mac on Upper Playground

Miles MacGregor, aka El Mac, is a local muralist whose rare presence in town can set the art community a buzz. The fairly shy and very modest 30-something's last hometown stay was just for a week and was (unsuccessfully) kept under wraps by the few who visited his studio.

El Mac grew up in Phoenix and says he draws from old mural masters like Caravaggio and Vermeer and from Mexican muralistas whose murals along the border heavily influenced the large-scale art scene.

More often than not, the elusive El Mac is on the road. He's painted walls in Dublin, the Philippines, Singapore, Berlin, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and most recently, in New York, where he's currently in a show at Joshua Liner Gallery.

Upper Playground's a popular brand in the street art community -- the company makes apparel and publishes books. They also host a few blogs for artists to document their travels. And it's on Upper Playground that El Mac dishes on his latest mural, posts photos with fans and shares videos of his projects developments.

Mac should be back in town after his show in New York, but who knows what project in a foreign city could tempt the muralist next.

For now, all we have is his blog to play a few games of "Where in the World" with one of our brightest local artists.

Here's a peek at what Mac was up to in Singapore:

El Mac Singapore from Viet Nam The World Tour on Vimeo.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.