Electric Ladyland

Admit it, you big ol’ sexist. You hear “deejay” and you picture some gangly dude with facial piercings holding earphones to his bopping head, making eyes at any vagina that walks by. Key word in this scenario: dude.

Girls can do it, too, you know.

Okay, maybe not the scouting for poon, but they can rip it up with the best of the boys. Don’t believe us? Check out the HOUSE FM Tour featuring DJs Colette and Heather. The femme turntablists – formerly part of the successful SuperJane collective – are being whipped around the country for a three-month tour to inspire dry-humping and crotch-grinding on dance floors across the country.

Chicago native Colette will grace us with her “post-millennial house music” and fellow Chicagoan DJ Heather will bust some genre-crossing spins at Myst.

Fri., Feb. 27, 10 p.m., 2009
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Lilia Menconi
Contact: Lilia Menconi