Embroidering the Truth

Shakespeare called art a mirror; 300 years later, Brecht replied that it was a hammer. Perhaps, though, truth is just as effectively framed in an embroiderer’s hoop or scried in a peyote stitch. After all, deft hands and an inspired mind can transform even the meanest material into something meaningful. By its nature, art is tantalizingly protean, which is likely why artists are so fascinated by metamorphoses and masks.

Ingrid Restemayer and Christy Puetz explore some of the more oblique aspects of symbolism, identity, and self in their collaborative exhibition “Shapeshifters.” Puetz brings her usual painstaking beadwork to bear, uniting the lovely with the grotesque in her strangely morphed creatures. Restemayer, a mixed-media artist and no stranger herself to the meticulous needle, lashes and amplifies her found objects with intricate etchings and hand-stitched embroidery.

Jan. 22-Feb. 3; Feb. 5-15, 2011
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Nicholas Gerbis