Emma Bisner's Blueberry Lemon Drop

Emma Bisner at Zipps Sports Bar Arcadia has a shot we actually trust. Why? Because she admits its her personal fave to take, not make just to get a good laugh at the shot-taking subject who later falls on their buzzed behind. 

A familiar name, a sugared rim, and a bartender's stamp of good-tasting approval means no face scrunching. Blaming the "wet floor" for our fall to the ground? Totally necessary.

Name: Blueberry Lemon Drop

Ingredients: Blueberry Stoli, triple sec, sweet 'n sour, a dash of sugar and a sugar rim.

Flavor: Kinda like the blue "Riptide Rush" Gatorade (a dehydrating version, of course).

Price: $5.75

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