Escape the Room AZ Will Lock You in a Room -- For Fun

For some of us, the thought of being locked in a room with nine other people is a terrifying one; for others, it actually sounds like fun. If you're one of those non-claustrophobic, socially adept individuals who enjoys things like "team building exercises" and "paying money to be physically confined in an unfamiliar space," then Escape the Room AZ might have something to offer you.

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The interactive escape game phenomenon has already taken off in cities like New York and Los Angeles. Escape the Room AZ Opened in Old Town Scottsdale in mid-December. According to their website, Hoda Kotb called EtR "A blast," and we all know Hoda knows how to party.

Here's how it works: you book a space online for up to ten people. If you don't have ten besties, no worries - Escape the Room will find some other folks to play with you. You just show up at your allotted time, and they lock you in.

Teams have an hour to (literally) escape the room. Clues are hidden throughout the space, and teamwork is encouraged.

At present Escape the Room offers just one experience, an apartment-style setup. In January, they'll also add a Western-themed bank heist adventure (teams have an hour to rob a bank and get out with the booty) and something called "Escape the 80s," which we thought we had already done, but whatever.

Tickets cost $28 per person ($32.23 after tax). Experiences are offered on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Available room times vary by day, so check out Escape the Room's Website for more details.

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