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Exploding Actresses Tumblr Is Mind-Blowing (GIFs)

About a week ago, several Facebook friends started linking to Simone Rovellini's supercut video of exploding Disney princesses. No big whoop, we thought -- people dick with animation all the time. Well, Rovellini's "Exploding Actresses" Tumblr has now been active since June 16, with plenty of classic live-action kapows as well, and violence against women has rarely been this much fun.

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If GIFs give you heartburn, the best place to pick and choose the longer videos, complete with soundtracks and precision editing of reaction shots (my favorite part), is on the Last Angry Fan blog, of all places. You'll have to go to the Tumblr page, though, to enjoy Rovellini's Titanic sequence, though, which not only is plain old satisfying revenge on a cheesy James Cameron film in which not nearly enough stuff explodes but also drives home the lesson from the Disney supercut, "When a charming young man you've just met asks whether you trust him, say 'No,' or else your head will explode."

Finally, our own personal favorite, the romance mix. Stay tuned past the credits:

Seriously, these vids do need more exploding men, but give it time.

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