Eye Candy

For some folks, nothing says “happy” better than a pink-iced Hostess cupcake and an ice-cold Nehi. And then there’s Mindy Sue Meyers, whose sweet tooth is lodged firmly in her brain, which is spilling over with new ideas for making sweets into visual art. Her inspiration comes from old cookbooks, but her ingredients list is procured from the hardware store. Her new exhibit “Leftovers” showcases her latest creations: shiny lollipops and scoops of blue and green gelati, all made from spackle, wood glue, and a little caulk; Sponge Cake, a bright pile-up of rainbow sponges, felt, and cotton thread; Coconut Swirlies, a massive pile of fake candy made from felt and thread that Mindy calls an "ongoing project," and Blue Banana, cobbled together from felt and a brownish banana skin.

Says the art chef: “I explore themes of comfort and false security by making sculptural objects that represent sweets. They may look tempting at first, but their materials, abundance, or size can leave one feeling quite sour.”

Fridays, Saturdays. Starts: May 16. Continues through June 14, 2008
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