Faces Forward

The human face is one of the most recognizable images on the planet. It’s also one of the most difficult to capture. Perhaps that explains Picasso’s now-famous lopsided cubist faces, or the ridiculous amount of airbrushing Kelly Clarkson’s mug went through for a recent cover of Self.

“There is no landscape on Earth with which we are familiar as the human face, and none to which we react so strongly. It is the first thing we learn to recognize,” says Seattle artist Gary Faigin, whose work is on display in the group exhibit “Faces”.

The show features portraits by 21 artists, including Las Vegas sculptor Dale Mathis, photographer Bob Carey, and local Dan Collins. And don’t expect the kind of stuffy oil portrait you’d find in some rich bitch’s country estate. The works in this show explore creative and scientific ways of depicting the human visage, from wooden masks to digitally-manipulated photographs.

Oct. 3-Feb. 5, 2009
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