Family Feuds

At first glance, Neil Simon’s Lost in Yonkers looks like another semi-autobiographical intergenerational family comedy meets coming-of-age story. Peer a little closer and you’ll find a play that’s less autobiographical—and less overtly sentimental—than most of Simon’s other plays. This is Simon at the top of his game, the play that garnered him the Pulitzer Prize for Drama and the Tony Award for Best Play.

Set during World War II, Lost in Yonkers follows two teenage brothers as they are forced to live with their cane-wielding grandmother for a year, while their father travels for work so that he can pay off debts incurred as a result of their mother’s illness and death. A battle of wills ensues, culminating in everyone inevitably learning valuable lessons about duty, devotion, trust and love.

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Nicholas Gerbis