FauxShow Hosts its Glamorama Wig Party on Saturday

Jared Alan wants his FauxShow parties to be anything but ordinary.

"I want people to dress up. I want it to be a big deal," he says. It's why the 32-year-old gadabout and scenester -- who's previously promoted such tastemaking gatherings as Adult Swim -- stopped holding his renowned FauxShow events each week in favor of bigger and more unique one-off parties.

For instance, Alan's pulling out all the stops for this weekend's Glamorama Wig Party at Brick, which he hopes will be an affair to remember.

He an his cohorts are planning on going all out by dressing up the interior of Brick "to make it as glamorous as possible" and featuring plenty visuals displays at the event (including video art by Penny Lane and projections by Matt "Mr. Unicorn" Castleberry). NYC disco-house artist Treasure Fingers will headline the event, a half-dozen hipster DJs will also perform, and the go-go dancers of Deviltry Dolls will also shake their moneymakers throughout the evening.

And then there's the whole wig party theme.

"It's just putting on a wig and showing up, basically," Alan says. "I like theme parties but it seems like most of them get so stale, like 80s themed parties. Everyone does a "Sunglasses at Night" sort of thing and I wanted to do something different. I've been wanting to have a party like this for a while and wanted to do it before it got too warm to be wearing wigs."

Attendees are encouraged to wear wigs that are either stylish, spectacular, and surreal, he says.

"The possibilities are limited to their own creativity or personal tastes," Alan explains. In other words, don't flip your wig if you can't find the perfect hairpiece for the occasion.

"You just throw some fake hair on and get ready to party. It's nice that you can just grab a wig and throw it on and you have a costume." Alan says. "It's not like we're gonna be too strict at the door. If someone weaves in some extensions I'm sure we'll let it slide."

FauxShow's Glamorama Wig Party takes place at 10 p.m. on Saturday at Brick. Admission is $10. Click here for more details.

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