Fear Farm

Where: Fear Farm, 99th Avenue between Thomas and McDowell avenues

In Brief: Are we surprised that Fear Farm was Best Outdoor Haunted House? Nope. Living up to its name, Fear Farm is scary and is definitely like a farm (think hay, dirt, and pigs -- we're still not certain if they were fake, sleeping or just not breathing).

The event consists of four haunted houses and a corn maze. Other activities like rock climbing, psychic readings and carnival-esque games are presumably for the fainter hearted. Ultimately are two things you can expect from Fear Farm: fear and filth.

Our Experience: We headed to Fear Farm around 8 p.m. on a Thursday. The lines were pretty short. Loud music was playing as we entered the lot, and while walking to the ticket station (in the back corner of the lot), we were approached by "dead" people with costume blood all over their hands and mouths. One we were in, it was all about the houses, each about a 7 to 10 minute walk.

So was it worth the cash? Read more after the jump ...

Scariness (1 to 5 Scale): 4.5. The acting, setting, and props were all on point.

Worth the cash? Yes. The $20 will get you access to all four haunts. Other activities, like the Extreme Haunt and the Corn Maze will cost an additional $8. And another $10 will get you a "fast track" pass to cut the lines (maybe helpful on a Friday or Saturday).

Who Should Go? Fear Farm's good for groups (3 to 5 people). Note: It may be too gory for children under 12. The overall crowd was a mixed age, but everyone left the venue with the same look of post-scared relief.

Best Scare: The Extreme Haunt, Decimation, which is called extreme for a reason. Before entering we were told a creepy storyline and equipped with a flashlight that hardly emitted light (of course). We were then led into the darkness and what followed was up close and personal and involved physical activity. Our advice: Be prepared to climb, crawl, get wet and be touched.

Fail:  The different haunted houses had people mixed up. This may have been intentional, but it left everyone bumping into each other and getting turned around. Don't expect the actors to break character and give you directions though. So here's a hint: If you're trying to get past a scary someone and they won't let you go through, chances are you're heading in the WRONG direction.

Overall Grade: A

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.