"Feminism Today" Doesn't Deliver on Its Name at Downtown Phoenix's MonOrchid

Given the rich complexity of feminism past and present, we were intrigued to learn of the latest exhibition at Shade Gallery, located at monOrchid in Roosevelt Row. Titled "Feminism Today," the exhibition features works by 13 local artists -- all of them women whom curator Nicole Royse says she's long admired.

Royse planned the show in early February, after a "veteran artist" she won't name pulled out of a planned March exhibition at the gallery. She'd recently run across online articles saying wives and mothers couldn't be true artists, and she was concerned about Arizona policy makers infringing on women's rights. Thus the "Feminism Today" framework was born.

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Lynn Trimble is an award-winning freelance writer and photographer specializing in arts and culture, including visual and performing arts
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