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Festivals International "Seriously Considering" Phoenix Location for its End of Time Shindig

Time to grab your canned goods and get bunker building, the (loosely) determined end of days, according to (theories about) the Mayan calendar is upon us. 

Luckily, for those who'd like to go out with a bang -- or need another excuse for a crazy party -- Gregory Schmidt of Iowa-based Festivals International, says he's decided to mark Phoenix as a front-runner for the End of Time Festival, tentatively scheduled for December 21, 2012. 

The "celebratory" event(s), Schmidt writes, will include a Halloween/Mardi Gras/Steam Punk party on December 21, and, if the world's still turning, a "New Life Festival" on December 22. 

"I'm looking at Phoenix or a warmer locale, because we feel that a portion of the festival needs to be held outdoors in case we want to add a 'burning man' component or fireworks to the festivities," says Schmidt. "And if the End of Time Festival works in Arizona, we plan to return with a huge annual Pan-Asian Fest."

​And while we're not quite sure what the hell the Pan-Asian Fest would include or celebrate (other than our continued existence), we're pretty jazzed that the brain trust at Festivals International, which also puts on the esteemed Iowa Ren Fest, Nebraska Ren Faire, Midlands Pirate Fest, and Des Moines Ren Faire, would choose our lovely hometown for the final countdown. 

Hey, we'll even make a deal: If you're willing to bring the end of days fiesta to Phoenix, we'll toss in a few chimichangas, a Colt single-action army revolver, and couple bottles of sunscreen. 


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