Fetish Prom in Scottsdale This Saturday -- Residents Desperately Seeking Ed Hardy Leather Thongs

A fetish prom in Scottsdale?

Yes, mistress. At 8 p.m. Saturday, May 29, at the Venue of Scottsdale, Goth music, bondage wear, and body piercings give a kinky kick to the groin to traditional Scottsdale scenes of chic cocktail bars and dance clubs at the Third Annual Arizona Fetish Prom hosted by Horns & Halos.

Join over 1,000 other partying eroti-types as they bust out the body paint, lay on the leather and pony up $25 to listen to hardcore heavies Android Lust and Slick Idiot, ogle burlesque dancers, or replace that old gag ball at the fetish vendor bazaar.

While exposing flesh may be routine for a Scottsdale night on the town, the Arizona Fetish Prom puts a bit of a twist on it -- or through it, rather, with shark hooks.

Giving a new meaning to the phrase "running into a snag," performers in the Fetish Prom's flesh-hook suspension show are pierced with shark hooks, then hung from hem. Wildly erotic, artistically free, or one big "owie"? The decision is yours.

Despite the event's erotic undertones, nudity and simulated sex acts are not allowed -- those are reserved for the parking lot at Scottsdale's Axis/Radius.

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